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Christian Counselling Undergraduate Courses

ADDC 110 Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours I
This introductory course provides a broad overview of the field of addiction. Students explore factors related to why psychoactive substances are used, abused, and misused. The course also examines addictive and compulsive behaviours related to gambling, shopping, internet pornography, and sex. Prerequisite: None

ADDC 260 Families and Addiction
This course is designed to introduce students to family dynamics when substance abuse or other forms of addiction is present. Students are introduced to theories of marriage and family and substance abuse as well as practical considerations relating to assessment and interventions. Prerequisite: ADDC 110

ADDC 265 Youth and Addiction
This course introduces students to the theoretical and practical dimensions of working with and counselling young people who are addicted and are experiencing challenges associated with drug use. Students will explore the nature of human vulnerability and how through assessment, counselling, treatment, and behaviour change strategies positive outcomes can be achieved. Prerequisite: ADDC 110 and PSY 244

ADDC 315 Theology of Addictive Behaviour
This course introduces students to a theological understanding of factors underlying addictive patterns in human behaviours. Students examine contemporary theories and models of addiction as well as assessment and interventions against the theological perspective of addiction and behaviour change. Prerequisite: COUN 302

ADDC 335 Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours II
This course is a continuation of ADDC 110. It introduces students to the nature of current drugs and how they are being abused and misused. Students will undertake a survey approach in examining currenttreatment approaches and their effectiveness in helping people recover from these undesired behaviours. Prerequisite: ADDC 110

ADDC 401 Drugs, Behaviour and the Brain
This course introduces students to the major classifications of psychoactive drugs and surveys of physiological and behavioural effects of these classes of drugs. Topics include basic principles of pharmacology, classification of drugs, tolerance, dependence, withdrawal, therapeutic and toxic effects of psychoactive drugs. Prerequisite: None

ADDC 433 Relapse Management
This course provides students with the understanding of the relapse and recovery process. Students examine major themes in the relapse process as well as relapse warning signs and relapse prevention principles. Topics discussed include relapse warning signs, principles of prevention, importance of spirituality in recovery, situational, psychological, and physiological obstacles to recovery.Prerequisite: ADDC 401 & COUN 335

ADDC 470 Introduction to Addiction Counselling
This course provides an overview of concepts and skills related to counselling individuals who are addicted. Students are introduced to different theoretical approaches to addiction counselling. Prerequisite: None

COUN 205 Interpersonal Skills for relationships
This course will provide fundamental knowledge about the development of effective interpersonal skills for relationships. Personal, family, situational, and cultural influences of interaction will be covered. Prerequisite: None

COUN 215 Marriage Communication
The course covers the nature, dynamics, and processes of communication within the context of the marital relationship. Students in this course will learn the different styles of communication and how they affect marital relationships. The emphasis in the course will be on identifying healthy and unhealthy patterns of communication and strategies for improving unhealthy patterns. Prerequisite: None

COUN 222 Pastoral Care & Counselling I
This is an introductory course in the field of pastoral care and counselling. The course explores the unique place and skills of both pastoral care and pastoral counselling. It seeks to provide an overview of the theories, methods and practices of pastoral care and counselling in the Christian congregations as well as communities with individuals and groups. Prerequisite: None

COUN 235 Introduction to Professional Counselling
This course introduces students to the wide field of counselling with a biblical basis for counselling, integration of psychology and theology, counselling needs, methods and theories. Prerequisite: None

COUN 290 Loss and Bereavement Counselling I
The purpose of this course is to examine the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dynamics and issues relating to loss and grief. To this end the course explores models of coping for individuals in distress and transition as a result of loss and bereavement. Prerequisite: COUN 235

COUN 300 Biblical Counselling
A study of the biblical model of counselling and how it relates and differs from some of the more common forms of secular models and theories of helping individuals. The primary goals of this course are to encourage biblical thinking and explore biblical principles for promoting lasting change in people. Prerequisite: None

COUN 301 Counselling Children & Adolescents
This course introduces learners to the theories, techniques and clinical applications of counselling children and adolescents. The study includes interventions with emotionally disturbed, abused, or behaviourally disordered children. Prerequisite: PSYC 244

COUN 302 Theology for Christian Counselling
This is a study of the theological foundations for counselling. The course explores biblical teachings concerning the nature of human beings, their brokenness, unhealthy coping skills, dysfunctional and unhealthy patterns of living and the usefulness of counselling in helping individuals move oward more self-awareness, productive and healthy relationships and living. Prerequisite: None

COUN 307 Conflict Management
This course presents an introduction to the theory and strategies of conflict resolution, with special emphasis on conflict in interpersonal relationships. The study will help learners to understand the nature of human and interpersonal conflicts, and models and constructive ways to deal with conflict in various situations. Consideration is given to biblical models of conflict resolution.

COUN 310 Introduction to Marriage & Family Therapy
The course presents an overview of the history, major theoretical and therapeutic models of marriage and family therapy. Some of these include psychodynamic, structural, strategic, communications, experiential and post-modern. Throughout the course students are encouraged to evaluate their effectiveness and relevance against a biblical understanding of marriage and family. Prerequisite: None

COUN 356 Christian Perspectives on Marriage & the Family
This course introduces students to a Christian perspective of marriage and family life. The primary emphasis in this course is the exploration of the biblical model for relationships and family life. Topics include the biblical basis for marriage and family life, Christian model for parenting, mate selection, authentic sexuality, and so on. Prerequisite: None

COUN 366 Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
This course examines the basic theories, assumptions, and therapeutic processes that underline the different therapeutic approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Students will gain understanding of some of the most popular theories and approaches which form the major forces in counselling psychology. Prerequisite: COUN 235

COUN 385 Pastoral Care and Counselling II
This course is designed to help students deepen their understanding of pastoral care and counselling. Students in this course will explore the theological and psychological bases for contemporary pastoral care and counselling. Prerequisite: COUN 222 and COUN 235

COUN 395 Loss and Bereavement Counselling II
This course examines key concepts and issues related to the human response to loss and the facilitation of healthy bereavement. The study covers topics such as theoretical perspectives and models of grieving, coping, developmental, cultural, family and other variables associated with the human response to loss and grief. Prerequisite: COUN 235 and COUN 290

Master of Christian Christian
Counselling Course Descriptions

COUN 399 Counselling Skills Development Lab
In this lab course students are introduced to practical counselling skills needed to build their competence for practicum experience. Students will work in a pre-designed counselling environment under the supervision of a faculty in which they are given opportunities to work with real life scenarios. This course is a prerequisite for the counselling practicum. Prerequisite: COUN 366 and COUN 235

COUN 410 Crisis Intervention and Counselling
This course introduces students to the theory, interventions, and research on counselling individuals and family experiencing situational, transitional, cultural, and socio-structural crises. Prerequisite: None

COUN 430 Introduction to Family Systems Theory
This course is designed to introduce students to the major theories of family pathology. They will compare the structures, rules, and communication styles of healthy and dysfunctional families based on major family theories. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to compare biblical concepts of family life with various theoretical perspectives. Prerequisite: COUN 356, COUN 310 and COUN 235

COUN 435 Spiritual Warfare in Counselling
This course introduces students to the nature of God, the nature of Satan, the works of angels, the works and nature of demons. This course examines the nature of the spirit world and its place in Godís overall plan. Students also learn about the place of spiritual warfare in counselling a variety of clients. Prerequisite: THEO 240

COUN 440 Introduction to Family Violence
This course is designed to introduce students to the nature of violence in family relationships. Students will examine variables relating to the frequency and types of family violence as well as social and psychological correlates of violence in family relationships. Prerequisite: COUN 205, COUN 430, and COUN 444

COUN 444 Principles of Family Pathology
This course offers both a biblical and family systems conceptualization of family pathology. Students will gain an understanding of the etiology and maintenance of family pathology. Topics considered in this course include styles of family interaction, family boundaries, roles, family life cycle, etc. Prerequisite: COUN 430

COUN 467 Family Life Development
The major goal in this course is to lead students to an understanding of the various stages families go through and the influences that bear on each stage of development and how the family can be strengthened through each stage of its development. Prerequisite: None

COUN 485 Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy
This course is designed to introduce students to both formal and informal marriage and family assessment methods. An overview of marriage and family assessment instruments will be a part of this course. In addition to formal assessment strategies. Prerequisite: COUN 310, COUN 444, and COUN 467

COUN 499 Practicum
With the approval of the counselling department, students gain practical experience working in an approved clinical setting under an approved supervisor. This is undertaken only when students have completed all necessary specialization courses. Prerequisite: COUN 399


PSYC 220 Introduction to Psychology
This course is an introduction to psychology as a special science. It introduces students to the broad field of psychology by exploring the history, theory, research and applications of psychology. Prerequisite: None

PSYC 244 Developmental Psychology
This course is an overview of normal development from birth through to old age, with an emphasis on the psychological characteristics of each stage of development. Consideration is also given to physical, emotional, social, moral, spiritual and intellectual development. Prerequisite: PSYC 220

PSYC 275 Social Psychology
This course introduces the study of individual behaviour within social contexts. The aim is to study the range of theories and research concerned with human thinking and behaviour in a social world. Prerequisite: PSYC 220


SOCW 155 Introduction to Social Work
This course is designed to introduce students to the field of social work. It offers an overview of the settings in which social workers practice, the populations they encounter, the social problems they address, and the interventions they utilize. The course examines the knowledge, values, ethics, and skills necessary for the effective practice of social work. Prerequisite: SOCW 205

SOCW 205 Introduction to Sociology
This course introduces students to the exploration of society, which include statistics data and a reflection of contemporary research and theoretical ideas emerged within sociology. The course focuses on the primary goal of sociology: the development of a connected understanding of society. Prerequisite: None

SOCW 225 Crisis Intervention
The course provides a general overview of the crisis intervention from a practitionerís (counselor or social worker, church leader, community worker) standpoint. Students will explore various models used in adjudicating the severity of a clientís presenting crisis situation in gaining some senseof direction in helping the client cope with the dilemma. Prerequisite: None

SOCW 310 Social Work Practice and Theory
This course introduces students to the profession of social work, its value base, field of practice, and societal role. The course addresses topics major relating to social problems, philosophies of social welfare provision, program and policy initiative, and the response of social work as a profession.
Prerequisite: SOCW 155, and SOCW 205

SOCW 315 Ethnic Diversity & Social Issues
This course introduces the general skills and challenges of working with diverse populations. The course presents the social work role in attaining social, economic, physical, and emotional wellbeing for all people. It introduces language and ideas relevant to civil rights and social justice.
Prerequisite: SOCW 205

SOCW 320 Group Dynamics
The course explores the interactional model of practice in the context of social work with groups. The course explores the principles and phases of group formation, and looks at variant elements of contracting introduced by different types of groups. Prerequisite: SOCW 205 and PSYC 275

SOCW 350 Case Studies and Observations
This course exposes students to a variety of contrasting theoretical models underlying both individual and group practice in social work. Through case studies, demonstrations, small-group discussions, experiential activities, students are assisted to critically evaluate the practical applications of contemporary social work perspectives. Prerequisite: SOCW 205

SOCW 420 Sociology of Marriage and the Family
This course introduces basic sociological research in the area of marriage and family, helping students become familiar with topics of concern to area specialists. It also examines the dynamics of family relationships so that material can be useful to students in their own lives. In general, the emphasis is on family strengths and differences as well as family problems. Prerequisite: SOCW 205

SOCW 430 Casework with Individuals and Families
This course is designed as an introductory course on social work practice. It offers an understanding of cases and methods which includes what social workers do as part of their helping process. Students have the opportunity to review ìevidenced-basedî practice models and explore the existing common elements in working with individuals, families and significant others in the systems. Prerequisite: SOCW 155

SOCW 440 Case Management
This course is design to introduce students to a logical progression, beginning with most basic foundation for good practice. It equips students with vocabulary and methods used by more advanced professionals in the human service field. Prerequisite: None

SOCW 495 Sociology of Religion
This course introduces students to the sociological study of religion and how these perspectives relate to theology or the Christian doctrines. The study provides an overview of theories that explain the integration of religion and meaning of life; religion and scientific explanations. The course challenges students to think critically on the components of world religions and the future of the Christian doctrines. Some of the topics discussed in this course include functionalist perspectives, conflict perspectives, symbolic interactionist perspectives on religion, types of religious organization, developmental approaches to religion, religion and health, religion and coping with stress and religion and drugs. Prerequisite: SOCW 205

SOCW 498 Christianity and Social Work
This course is about the integration of Christian faith and social work practice. The course does not only offer a Christian perspective on the social work profession as a whole, but it explores Christian faith on specific topics within the profession. Students explore the intercept between faith and social work practice. Prerequisite: None

SOCW 496 Social Welfare Policy and Programs
The course introduces students to social welfare policy as the basis for social service provision. It offers an understanding of how policy dictates the implementation of social welfare programs and structures the context in which practitioners can do their work. The course describes social welfare and social work history; social welfare policy development and the structural components of policy. Prerequisite: SOCW 155

SOCW 499 Practicum
With the approval of the counselling department, students gain practical experience (120 hours) working in an approved social work or clinical setting under an approved supervisor. This is undertaken only when students have completed all necessary specialization courses. Prerequisite: COUN 399

Undergraduate Courses

RESH 400 Mechanics of Research
This first course in research introduces students to the fundamentals of research. Students are introduced to the various aspects of the research process as well as how to read and analyze selected research articles. Topics include steps in the research process, selecting and formulating the research topic, formulating the research question, formatting and writing the prospectus. Students will also learn proper APA, MLA, or Turabian writing and citation styles. The capstone of this course is the preparing and writing of a basic research outline and the writing of a research project in the studentís particular field of study. Prerequisite: None

A Personal Word from the President

Canada Christian College has the resources to help you train for the ministry God has called you to. We have graduated over 6,000 successful ministers. Let us help you prepare as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary counselor, music leader or lay worker. We would love to have you as one of our students in the great experience of learning and in sharing in God's blessing with others.

Dr. Charles H. McVety

Seeking to Impart God’s Powerful Truth to You.

Our world is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. You hold the power to present the truth and watch the power of God change people. Deuteronomy 32:30 says "one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight". When you deliver the truth it offsets one thousand people's deception. When two of us present the truth it undoes the disinformation of ten thousand.

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