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Your future depends upon your choices. Over 5,500 men and women have made the right choice and graduated from Canada Christian College.
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(딤후 2:15) 너는 진리의 말씀을 옳게 분별하며 부끄러울 것이 없는 일꾼으로 인정된 자로 자신을 하나님 앞에 드리기를 힘쓰라.

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image014 @ Korean Track-Winter 2017 Calendar 

@ Winter 2017 수강신청기간이 20017년 1월 9일 부터 1월 12일(목)까지입니다. 학사조교 이화정 박사에게 예약 및 신청(1-416-391-5000 @ext. 357 * 월-목, 오전 10-시 6시 사이에 전화가능)하세요.

@ 각 교과 과정의 필수 교재정보를 참조  하시고, 학기 시작전에 구입 및 독서 하세요.

@ Retreat 2017 과”2 Sessions Seminar, Paper & Thesis 전 학위과정 졸업필수 이수과정으로 (현 재학 생  포함)필히 수강해야 합니다.

@ 2017년 B.C.C., M.C.C., C.C., D.C.C.의 졸업 필수 과정인 Practicum/ Intership을 위해
보고서 및 사례 양식을 상담학과 홈페이지에서 내려 받아 2017년 6월 2일 까지 상담일지-보고서를 제출하세요.

image014 New Student Resource – RightNow Media Bible Study Library


If you haven’t yet received your invitation email to set up access to your very own RightNow account please email Access to over 10,000 Online Bible Studies, Lessons, Devotionals and Children’s Programs for your family awaits

@  대학 정규교육기관, 학위 인정 및 국제학점인증에 관한  정보안내는 아래 로고를  클릭 하세요.

Recognition: Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies is fully recognized degree granting institution.

  • Canada Christian College has the same level of degree granting authority as all the other recognized universities in Ontario.

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Canada’s Leading School For Success In Ministry

Your future depends upon your choices. Over 5,500 men and women have made the right choice and graduated from Canada Christian College. Great leaders such as Franklin Graham, John Hagee, T.D. Jakes, Grant Jeffrey and Myles Munroe have honourary degrees from Canada Christian College. Graduates are now ministering around the world, touching thousands upon thousands of lives every day. They are by the design of God. They too made the right decision, to trust God and not listen to man.

They trusted God and studied His Word. They choose to sit under godly men and women and learn how to be effective pastors, ministers, counsellors and teachers. They chose to endure the rigours of study. They chose to continue when man discouraged and the devil attacked. Their choices resulted in powerful ministry. Today you have the same choices to make: whether to trust God or lean unto your own understanding; to listen to man who says you can’t do it or to listen to God who says you can do all things through Him. I urge you to make the right decision. Go ahead and make those God-given visions a reality. When you engage the Power of God, you can touch many souls and make a difference to innumerable lives. You might look at yourself and not understand how God could use you, but God specializes in using the humble to exalt Himself. He promises He will make the crooked way straight. He will turn the impossible into possible. He promises to provide all things for those called according to His purpose. Make the right choice and your temporal and eternal future will be blessed.

The choice is yours.

Old News

Canada Christian College Seeks to Impart God’s Powerful Truth to You.

Our world is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. You hold the power to present the truth and watch the power of God change people. Deuteronomy 32:30 says "one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight". When you deliver the truth it offsets one thousand people's deception. When two of us present the truth it undoes the disinformation of ten thousand.

A Personal Word from the President

Canada Christian College has the resources to help you train for the ministry God has called you to. We have graduated over 3,000 successful ministers. Let us help you prepare as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary counselor, music leader or lay worker. We would love to have you as one of our students in the great experience of learning and in sharing in God's blessing with others.

Dr. Charles H. McVety

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