ESL Certificate


The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Canada Christian College is designed for international students to learn and improve their English language skills. Our dedicated staff of instructors help students to overcome language barriers and start getting comfortable in using the English language.  

We work closely with each student to provide an approach to learning based on individual needs. Students are given a placement test before starting the program to determine their strengths and weaknesses in understanding, speaking, reading and writing English. Once their individual learning requirements are identified, students begin the ESL program at the level of training required to achieve their English language goals. All classes are: 

Student-Centered: We believe that the learning needs of each individual student must be addressed to achieve success. We provide a friendly, stress-free learning environment where students can focus on developing their language skills. 

Biblically CenteredStudents learn and interact in an evangelical Christian environment where they learn to communicate and adapt to real life situations in a Christ-centered context. 

Practical and Sensible: Students are motivated to develop language skills through practical application of English in real-life situations they encounter each day. Group activities, such as day trips, help them to become familiar with real-life situations in an English-speaking environment. 

Interactive and Real Life: Students interact on a one-on-one basis, supporting and helping each other to develop their skills. They work with ESL instructors and participate in games, events, activities and role-playing exercises designed to build their skill and confidence.


  • Opportunity to transfer into programs offered at CCC 
  • Opportunities for career advancement 

You will not only be immersed in the language, but also in the culture. You can forge new friendships with other international students while preparing yourself to further your studies and career opportunities.