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Buidling Canada’s #1 Christian Event Space and Athletic Centre

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Truth Changes you

“When you know the truth, John 8:32 states that “you will be set free.” Our future depends on a solid foundation of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. “A wise man builds his house upon a rock and a fool on shifting sands.” Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies is committed to advancing the truth of God throughout society. Canada’s government universities have all but abandoned objective truth, replacing it with relativism. A recent survey displayed that 51% of the population believes that universities are out of touch with society. After 52 years of standing for God’s truth, this institution is significantly expanding and is continuing to grow. It is by the grace of God that CCC is virtually debt-free. It is unheard of for a university or college to function without government funding or denominational financial backing. I ask you to consider investing in this institution as it will continue to aid in preparing our communities, as well as the next generation, to use the truth to face the challenges of this world.”   

Dr. Charles McVety 

Phase 2 – Canada's #1 Christian Event Space and Athletic Centre will include:

  • 4,000+ Seat Auditorium   
  • Full-Size Indoor Soccer Training Facility   
  • Two Professional Basketball Courts   
  • Strength and Fitness Centre   
  • Group Exercise Classrooms   
  • Martial Arts Studio   

Campus Expansion Budget

Canada Christian College has acquired and renovated a new lakefront campus with approximately 200,000 square feet, 600 feet of lakefront, and 12 acres with a projected value of $43.8 million.   
  • Phase One of the renovation completed in 2019.   
  • Phase Two of the renovation, including the event space and athletic centre, has a $2.7 million budget that is remaining.   
Canada Christian College is debt free, does not receive government funding or denominational financial backing, and is a registered non-profit charitable organization.

Canada’s Largest Christian Event Space

The new modern auditorium and performance centre will host concerts, conferences, conventions, and other events throughout the year. Students and local communities will have the opportunity to see the most exceptional speakers, teachers, and artists from around the world at this centre that is focused on truth. 


Phase One - Complete

Walk of Honor

Build a Legacy

Description: Donate $100 per brick   

Legacy Opportunities

Facility Naming

Leave a legacy that will impact thousands of lives for years to come. Canada Christian College would like to honour you by acknowledging your legacy and permanently naming a specific facility that you would choose to invest in and help build. At Canada Christian College, we believe that it is important to give honour to where honour is due and to recognize the heart of giving to the gospel.


ItemSuggested Donations Of
4,000 Seat Auditorium$500k
Two Professional Basketball Courts$100k
Full-Size Indoor Soccer Training Facility$75k
Strength and Fitness Centre$50k
Large Lecture Halls$25k
Standard Lecture Halls$10k
Group Exercise Classrooms$5k

Other Legacy Naming Opportunities Available

“Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to give recognition to those who labour among you.”

– Thessalonians 5:12-13 

Street Naming

Street  Suggested Donations Of 
Main Street  $50k 
Circle Crescent   $50k 
East Drive  $30k 
West Boulevard  $30k 
North Avenue   $10k 
“Give honour to whom honour is due.” – Romans 13:7  
“Give honour to whom honour is due.” – Romans 13:7 


Donor Membership

Become a long-term partner of Canada Christian College by becoming a member. Each membership will include various opportunities, respective benefits, and recognition.  


Gideon’s Band

$27.77/month for 36 months   


$100/month for 36 months   


$500/month for 36 months   


$1000/month for 36 months   

Church Membership – Defender of the Faith

Partner your church with this exciting project to spread the truth of the gospel across the nation by becoming a Defender of the Faith. For further information on having your church become a member, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Matthew 6:21  

It is our goal to keep Canada Christian College debt free so that all income can go to educational programs rather than pay interest to financial institutions. I ask that you do your best to help meet this goal of raising our final $2.7 million to renovate this fabulous facility. There is no better place to invest your funds than in the training of men and women with the truth of scripture and the power of the gospel. I ask you to prayerfully consider placing your treasure in truth where rust and moths cannot corrupt. We know that your heart is with us. Your seed will bring a harvest as the truth of God will never return void. May God bless you as you plant a seed, as it will surely return great blessings.  

God Bless,  

Dr. Charles McVety  


Ways to Give

Make Cheques Payable to:   

Canada Christian College   

300 Water St., Whitby, ON L1N 9B6   

To Discuss Giving: 


Phone: 416-391-5000