Canada Christian College owns permanent facilities at 50 Gervais Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many Evangelical Churches are in the area and welcome students. Transportation to and from the College is excellent. The Gervais Drive campus is an excellent facility with 110,000 square feet of floor space which includes faculty offices, classroom facilities and support services including the school library and a bookstore. The students also have a recreation and study area adjacent to the library. Larger and smaller classes are held in a number of comfortable, well equipped classrooms. A private counselling area is used for both academic and personal interaction. The college plans to rapidly develop this field of study which is so vital to maximize ministry.

Audio Recording Studio

The College recently completed a state of the art audio recording studio. Here promising young artists can get their chance to record their musical talents as well as learn the intricacies of audio engineering. With the explosion of Christian Radio stations nation wide, greater opportunities are available to skilled audio technicians and producers. These new stations also give greater exposure to talented musicians once they have had the opportunity to record their productions.

Library and Research Facilities

The 10,000 square foot College library consists of over 15,000 volumes of books, mostly specializing in Theology and Psychology and other pertinent subjects; also a large number of periodicals, pamphlets and curriculum teaching materials for Christian education. The library also has computers to access the vast research opportunities available electronically. In addition, we have a collection of over 200 video taped lectures including some of the greatest sermons of Bible teachers and preachers of our day.

Television Production Studio

Canada Christian College students also have the unique opportunity to develop their skills in its new broadcast quality television production studio. Here they can learn everything related to video production from camera operation to computerized video editing and compositing.

Not that long ago, Canada saw the birth of its first Christian Television Station. As religious stations spread across Canada, the opportunities for trained, experienced television producers will increase. Students have the opportunity of gaining practical experience working on the set of Canadian Times, a weekly news commentary broadcast nationally on three networks.

2,500 Seat Auditorium

With its completion and official opening in early 2003, a state¬of-the-art auditorium, seating over 2,500 people and with a superior sound and lighting system, has greatly improved the ability of Canada Christian College to spread the Word of God. The addition of this facility enables the College to host large scale conferences, concerts and praise and worship meetings.


The cafeteria is open 12 hours a day serving a wide variety of full meals and snacks. In addition to serving the students daily dinners. The staff caters full banquets for special occasions in the 400 seat lecture hall.

Student Body

Canada Christian College is blessed with vibrant students. Although all the “mainline” denominations are represented, many of the students come from smaller Evangelical groups. Approximately 90% of our students are Canadians; however, we also have students from several other countries. The Department of Immigration inspects our College and has approved our programs and facilities for students from abroad. Students have come from the United States where approval has been granted to the College by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs for the training of eligible veterans. Many foreign students returned to their respective countries with added strength from their theological training and with new vision and expertise in various Christian Ministries.

Recently, a record number of students have registered in our Theological classes. These students are of high calibre and have great potential for future effective ministry in keeping with the thorough training we are providing for them.