We recognize nine categories of Credentials for Christian workers:

  Ordained Pastor
  Licensed Pastor
  Ordained Evangelist
  Licensed Evangelist
  Ordained Missionary
  Licensed Missionary
  Lay Preacher
  Deacon – Deaconess
  Letter of Recognition


Those who apply for credentials in the first six categories must meet the following conditions.
They must:

  Be of good report and of good moral character.
  Be fully accredited through study at a seminary, college or Bible school.
  Take the course of studies prescribed by Canada Christian College.
  Those who have sufficient experience in proven ministry and are able to pass a general exam for Bible knowledge.
  Those who have been previously ordained or credentialed by organizations acceptable to us, upon furnishing credentials and evidence of the same will not be required to pass further examinations for credentials of the same level Upon meeting the above mentioned requirements no candidate shall be ordained until such time as he/she shall be able to meet with an ordination council approved by the Executive committee of E.A..

Those applying for credentials in the last 3 categories must meet the following conditions:

Lay Preacher: Good moral character, working or planning to work as a pastor but as yet has been unable to complete the prescribed courses for Licensure. The candidate must be open to future studies at Canada Christian College in day classes, night classes or through the extension program and be able to comply with the conditions of the Minister’s manual for E.A.

Deacon/Deaconess: A recommendation from the Senior pastor where you serve in this capacity. The opportunity for continuing education as an adult student is available for the category. CCC will give preference to those holding this credential for further study.

Letter of recognition: This category is for those who wish to teach or minister on a periodical basis or to teach in churches on non-Biblical subjects, i.e. Finances, Administration, para-church activities etc. Those holding this credential will be given preference at Canada Christian College if they wish to do further studies to upgrade their credentials. Three letters of recommendation are required one of which must be from your own pastor. The candidate must be willing to comply with the conditions set out in the E. A. Minister’s Handbook. Persons in the last three categories will be required to be interviewed by council. The approval of your pastor or spiritual overseer will be required, to affiliate with the E.A..


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