Ministry Department

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Program Description

The Ministry Department offers a cutting-edge program using the combination of age-old proven teaching with the very latest developments of modern instruction to meet the ever changing needs of today’s world. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare you for full time work in a church or para-church organization.

As God gives you visions and dreams of ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the College seeks to equip you to fulfill those dreams. In order to fully prepare you, the program will impart to you thorough Biblical knowledge, sound doctrine and effective practical ministry teaching.

All Christian education must be built on the foundation of the Bible. The Word of God is the beginning of truth and first step towards ministry. As you study all sixty-six books in the six Bible survey courses, you will gain a working knowledge of Scripture that will enable you to be effective in ministry.
Your theology will make or break your dreams. Accepting the Bible as the final authority in all things is critical. The whim of man blows here and there and cannot be the basis for lasting ministry. The Bible is immutable, it never changes yet it consistently meets the needs of every generation.
As you construct a solid foundation it is critical that your gifts and abilities be perfected. Each Ministry professor has extensive ministry experience so he or she will instruct you based on their first hand knowledge and academic principle. You will be shaped into the very best minister you can be. A degree in ministry will thoroughly train you for a successful career in ministry.

About the Dean

(Dr. John Wesley Tobey, B.A., M.Div., Th.D.)

Dr. John Wesley Tobey’s academic achievements include a B.A. from Sir Wilfred Laurier University, a M.Div. from University of Toronto, a Th.D. from Canada Christian College and a C.P.C. from The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America.

Dr. Tobey has served as Vice-President of Canada Christian College since 1976. He brings to his post more than 20 years of pastoral ministry experience, having served churches affiliated with the United Church of Canada and the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec.