Music Department

Program Description

The Sacred Music Department at Canada Christian College is dedicated to training students in Church Music Ministry and Worship Leadership.

The Sacred Music program offers a one-year Worship Leadership Certificate* (WLC), as well as Degrees (Bachelor, Masters & Doctorate), which are multidisciplinary study programs providing education in:

  • Biblical & Theological Studies.
  • Music Theory & History.
  • Church Worship & Songwriting.
  • Practical Music Studies. In addition, students are required to write, produce and record their own songs at Sound Evidence Recording Studio which is located within Canada Christian College.
  • Private instruction in major instrument or voice for each student.
  • Worship team settings.
  • College Gospel Choir setting.

We also offer the Worship Leadership Certificate (WLC), which is a 2 Semester certificate program that introduces the student to each of these areas of discipline. All credits acquired in the WLC are fully transferable to the Bachelor of Sacred Music Degree.


About The Dean

Lavinia Celaire was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, but left her homeland after high school to pursue her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance in the United States. After completing her degrees, she started teaching the intricate details of healthy vocal production to college students, as well as to her private vocal clientele.