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Ordaining and Credentialing Bodies

Evangelical Association

When God calls us to a life of ministry, His calling is without repentance. We can try to avoid the call, but God will not let us go. We are better off just to surrender to His will. When that time comes we will have to prepare ourselves for the task that He has placed before us.

The Evangelical Association was founded in 1963 by godly men and women who were moved by the Holy Spirit to band together for the purpose of promoting Evangelical Christianity throughout the World.

Our Purpose: Licensing and ordaining to the ministry those who are qualified, providing them with credentials from a recognized ecclesiastical body where its ministers can obtain a license to marry from the Registrar General of Ontario and other issuing offices.

Canadian College of Christian Counsellors

The Canadian College of Christian Counsellor is set in order to provide a covering and governing body for Christian Counsellors in Canada. To provide quality control with a view to protecting the public being served. The College shall provide guidelines and direction to its members and maintain a code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics. Read The Code of Ethics. The College shall establish a recommended Fee Schedule to guide its members and serve as a comparison for fees charged for services rendered. The College will give support to its members in continuing education and informing them of changing regulations from time to time. The College will seek to provide a cohesive working institution that gives its members support and confidence while providing an accountable covering whose goal is to provide quality counselling to the public in a Christian context.

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

“Anyone whose work falls within the scope of practice of psychotherapy, and who is not already registered with another Ontario regulatory college whose members can practice psychotherapy (see Psychotherapists as regulated health professionals, above), should consider becoming a Member of the new College. Those described below must be registered:

  • Anyone using the title “psychotherapist” or any abbreviation thereof; or
  • anyone holding her/himself out as qualified to practice as a psychotherapist in Ontario (no matter what title s/he may use).

There is no need for counsellors whose work falls outside the scope of practice of psychotherapy to become registered. The College recognizes that there is a significant overlap between certain kinds of counselling and psychotherapy. Please see the distinction between psychotherapy and counselling, as formulated by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC).”

Off-Campus Housing Options

Off-Campus Housing Options

Key Points :

  • Apartments are rented out by the actual facility or apartment rental facility.
  • Condos are rented out by the owner of the actual condo.
  • Online Databases of Apartments/Condos in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Apartment Rental Companies
  • Directions to Campus via TTC

    Directions to Campus via TTC

    From the Bloor and Danforth subway  get off at Broadview Station take northbound 100A Flemingdon Park bus to Gervais Drive and walk north to the end of the street

    From Eglinton Station  take northbound 34C Flemingdon Park bus to Gervais Drive and walk north to the end of the street

    From Northgo to Don Mills Road take 25 Don Mills southbound towards Pape Station to Wynford Drive walk across the street until Gervais Drive and walk north to the end of the street

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