COVID-19 Advisory


COVID-19 & Campus Information

Canada Christian College would like to thank its students for their diligent efforts in continuing their studies over Zoom this semester.

On February 12, Ontario announced that Durham Region will be moved to the COVID-19 category “Red – Control.” Toronto, York and Peel region will remain in a stay at home order.

Realizing that a significant number of our students come from those three regions and considering the current case numbers, the campus will not be able to open just yet. Classes will remain on Zoom for the time being. 

With that said, CCC is diligently working on a plan to resume The River – Campus Worship Experience, in the new auditorium as soon as possible. We will be able to safely social distance and come together as one campus community. The new facility is completely ‘touch free’ and will provide a great atmosphere to come together and worship safely. 

CCC administration will contact students with further updates as soon as possible and announce the date of the first River service. Students will be able to also receive a credit (at no cost) for attending these worship and teaching experiences. 

When the college is able to reopen, it will be founded on these priorities: (1) the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty, (2) the continued delivery of an excellent academic experience, and (3) the necessity of training ministers of the gospel during these trying times in our hurting world.

1. Health and Safety of Student Body, Staff and Faculty

  • At all times Canada Christian College will adhere to provincial and municipal health and safety guidelines regarding the threat of COVID-19.
  • Social distancing (2m distance) will be adhered to in all spaces including the library, cafeteria, athletic centre, classrooms, and study spaces.
  • Sanitizer stations will be located at all campus entrances, classrooms, and library entrances.
  • An allotted time has been specified between each class for a thorough disinfecting of each classroom, including the chairs, desks, handles, and any equipment.
  • Those who are feeling unwell in any way will be required to notify their professors and stay home. Excused absences will be granted in these circumstances.
  • If required by the municipality, face masks/shields will be worn and provided by CCC for those who need one.

2. Continued Delivery of an Excellent Academic Experience

  • As always, CCC is committed to the best training possible for our students. For this reason, our classrooms will be open for in-person lectures beginning February 15th (provincial regulations permitting). 
  • On campus students will be allowed to take one online course during the 2021 Winter Semester, thus limiting the required time on campus. If there are specific concerns about attending in-person classes, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office and accommodations will be made when possible. 

3. Necessity of Training Ministers of The Gospel

  • The mission of CCC is to train effective leaders who can go out into the world and reach those who are hurting and lost. 
  • Today, more than ever, this mission is necessary. For that purpose, our institution is making every effort to move forward in assisting students to answer the call of God on their life and become trained in the various ministry fields at CCC. 
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