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@  2017년 10월 27일까지 2018 대학원(석사/ 박사) 졸업 예정자들은 논문 계확안을 학사 행정조교 이화정박사에게  제출 하시기 바랍니다.

Ÿ Winter 2018 수강신청기간이 2018년 1월 8일 부터 1월 11일(목)까지 입니다. hlee14@canadachristiancollege.com 학사행정 조교 이화정 박사에게 예약 및 신청(1-416-391-5000 @ext. 357 * 월-목, 오전 10-시 6시 사이에 전화가능)하세요. 현재 재학생들은 2017년 12월 8일까지 입니다.  

Ÿ 전학과 필수 예비학과 과정인 Seminar, Paper & Thesis-KMS75가 2018년 1월 15일 오후 6시부터 오후 10시까지 있습니다. 미수강자는 수강신청 불허합니다. 

Ÿ 각 교과 과정의 필수 교재정보를 참조  하시고, 학기 시작전에 구입 및 독서 하세요.

Ÿ B.C.C., M.C.C., M.Div.in C.C., D.C.C. D. Min. 의 졸업예정자들은 필수 과정인 Practicum/ Internship을 위해 보고서 및 사례 양식을 상담학과 홈페이지에서 내려 받아 2018년 6월 2일 까지 상담일지-보고서를 제출하세요.

  • Who We Are

    We are Canada's leading degree granting institution for a career in ministry. Over 6,000 men and women have graduated from Canada Christian College with degrees in our 50 year history. Since 1967, we have been offering cutting edge real world training in the fields of Ministry, Christian Counselling, Worship, Sacred Music, Religious Education, Israel Studies and Executive Leadership. Fully accredited with The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Canada Christian College offers you a degree known and respected worldwide. Great leaders such as Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Grant Jeffrey and Myles Munroe hold honorary doctorate degrees from Canada Christian College. You should be next on that list!

  • Our Purpose

    Our world is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. You hold the power to present the truth and watch the power of God change people. Deuteronomy 32:30 says “one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight”. When you deliver the truth it offsets one thousand people’s deception. When two of us present the truth it undoes the disinformation of ten thousand. We seek to teach you God’s powerful truth so that you can be a light in these dark times. We exist to train and equip students for a powerful and effective ministry as servants of Jesus Christ in evangelistic, pastoral, counselling, teaching, music and cross-cultural ministries around the world. Our cutting edge programs will equip you with the knowledge, experience and wisdom needed to excel in your chosen area of ministry.

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    Your Opportunity

    There is no time like the present, this is especially true of God's calling on your life. You are reading this because you feel led to a career in ministry or the need to learn and dig deeper in your faith, we want to help you answer that call. Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies makes every possible effort to help you obtain your training for a career in ministry at the lowest cost possible. We offer one of the most affordable degree programs in the province of Ontario. Financial Aid, Grants, and Scholarships are available. Our experienced admissions advisors are here to help you along every step of your academic journey. Give the admissions office a call today to find the best program for you!

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Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies is a recognized degree granting institution by the Ministry or Training Colleges & Universities, and is listed in The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials directory.



Degree Programs

Canada Christian College offers a variety of degree programs that will equip its students with the skills needed to be effective ministers of the gospel, Christian counsellors, worship leaders, educators, or business professionals. Canada Christian College will prepare you for a life devoted to serving Jesus Christ, while being grounded in the Word of God. Below is a list of the seven fields of study that a Canada Christian College education can equip you with for your career in ministry.

  • Ministry Department 신학 학과

    The Ministry Department offers a cutting-edge program using the combination of age-old proven teaching with the very latest developments of modern instruction to meet the ever changing needs of today’s world.

    The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare you for full time work in a church or para-church organization. As God gives you visions and dreams of ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the College seeks to equip you to fulfill those dreams. In order to fully prepare you, the program will impart to you thorough Biblical knowledge, sound doctrine and effective practical ministry teaching.

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    Christian Counselling Department 기독교 상담학과

    The mission of the department is to prepare professional Christian counsellors to operate both in Christian and non-Christian communities. The department is committed to help students develop the knowledge, values, and necessary competencies for an effective professional Christian counselling ministry. More and more we are seeing that people are unable to deal with the challenges, misfortunes, and uncertainties of life. Consequently, they come to counselling for guidance and help. The learning opportunities offered by our department give students the chance to acquire the tools and theoretical understanding that permit them to bring healing and meaning to the lives of hurting people.

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    Music Department 음악학과

    The Sacred Music Department at Canada Christian College is dedicated to training students in church music ministry and worship leadership. The Sacred Music program offers a one-year Worship Leadership Certificate* (WLC), as well as Degrees (Bachelor, Masters & Doctorate), which are multidisciplinary study programs providing education in biblical & theological studies, music theory & history, church worship & songwriting, practical music studies, as well as song production and recording in the college's music studio.

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  • Religious Education 종교교육학과 

    under construction

  • 9661987923_90e1bc2ab1_k

    Business and Communications Department 경영-커뮤니케이션 학과

    The Bachelor of Theology Degree with a major in business and communications is a recognized program designed to meet the growing demand for accounting professionals nationwide and globally. This program offers career-minded students the opportunity to develop the practical accounting skills and theoretical knowledge that are highly desired by employers. Areas of study include: core business and accounting courses, as well as courses on ethics, communication, computers, and more. Our program differs from the traditional business degree in that graduates also have the opportunity to complete courses in theology and counselling.

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  • Christian Leadership Department 크리스챤 리더쉽 학과

    It is evident that there is a desperate need for impactful moral leaders in our nation. Canada Christian College believes there is an urgency to train, develop, and release leaders into their destiny, in order to bring about transformational change within our society.With this in mind, several key national leaders have banded together to create the Executive Leadership Department, led by Professor Tony Soldano, and an exceptional executive team. This team brings a wealth of corporate and ministry leadership experience to the department. Participants will be greatly impacted and enriched by the wisdom and years of leadership knowledge of the executive team and professors.

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  • 13946526586_aef0d7dfde_o

    Israel Studies Department 이스라엘학 연구학과

    The modern Israel Studies Department is designed to allow students to complement their core area of study with courses on Israel and its role in modern day history.The Department examines the nation building process, examining the Zionist movements and the institutions including labour, health and paramilitary groupings created prior to the State. Courses also examine the social ethic and religious composition of the State of Israel. Attention is also focused on the economy, the geopolitical and military considerations of the Middle East. Israel’s relationships with foreign governments is also examined.

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  • Coaching 코칭학과



Our Mission

Souls Count. Period. We exist to train and equip students for a powerful and effective ministry as servants of Jesus Christ so that they may reach lost souls around the world. It is our goal to effectively equip you in evangelistic, pastoral, counseling, worship, business, teaching and cross-cultural ministries and careers. We now have international campuses in thirteen nations and plan to continue expansion.

Our Vision

Canada Christian College is committed to changing the world with the Word of God through graduates in worldwide ministry, motivated by love for God and compassion for people.

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