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-본대학-한인학부의 저명한 학술 논문들이 한국연구재단(KNRF)의 요건에 충족, 북미 최고의 명문들인 토론대학 및 맥길대학등의 종합대학들의 통계에서 단과 대학 및 대학원으로서는 오직 유일하게 캐나다에서 4위에 선정되었다.-

The Korean Department offers full degree programs in Korean to educate pastors, missionaries, counsellors, musicians, coaches, and Christian leaders in various areas of society.  

Working alongside a well-balanced curriculum, students will receive a quality education in preparation for their career and the opportunity to truly immerse in the North American academic life at its highest level while embracing what Canada uniquely offers – its world-class nature and multiculturalism. 

The faculty members are dedicated scholars, holding doctoral degrees in their respective fields of study. They are proficient bilingual Korean-Canadians; some are native Canadians. Each year, a few influential leaders from various denominations, prominent experts from special fields of study, and eminent scholars also join the faculty as visiting professors. 

Thanks to their high quality of teaching and research, students can study the North American theology from a reformed, practical, and evangelical tradition with a long, rich history, while maintaining their conservative faith of the Korean tradition; consequently, they can grow into capable spiritual leaders with an international outlook. 

The academic calendar of Korean Track complies with CCC’s general academic calendar. Degree dissertations must fulfill Canada’s official language requirement; English or French. Master’s dissertations can be translated into English while doctoral dissertations should be written in English under the supervision of a professor in the English Department. 

Message from THE DEAN

 “In the context of ministry, the study of theology is the pinnacle of all academic disciplines. Each syllabus in the Korean Department is created to empower students with the knowledge of the Word of God so they ‘needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth’ (2 Tim. 2:15)”. Distinguished academic dissertations from the CCC-KD are listed in compliance with the academic requirements of the Korea Research Foundation (KNRF) whose current ranking has placed CCC-KD as the top 4 institutions alongside Canada’s most prestigious universities including McGill University and the University of Toronto.

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