The River Diploma


This one-year River diploma is perfect for those who have experienced The River Worship, been impacted by what God is doing there, and want to replicate it in their own ministries. It is also perfect for those who would like to become a worship leader or musician at The River Worship. This Diploma will help students to grow in their faith and deepen their understanding of biblical principles through the coursework they will accomplish. Additionally,  students will learn the fundamentals of what The River does every week—from production and social media to preaching, this diploma will equip you to take your ministry to the next level.

Churches, The River Diploma will aid your members and team in elevating your production and social media performance as well as teaching them the foundations of their faith through the coursework they will be doing.

The one-year River Diploma is a performance and service-oriented program, covering fundamental courses that will build up foundational knowledge for the student in ministry. At the end of this one-year program, the student will be able to pursue a career as a worship leader, minister, or creative arts pastor.

If students so choose, this one-year diploma may be merged into a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

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Degree completion plan

Admissions Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent and meet admissions requirements

Program Requirements

  • 42 total credits


  • Worship Leader
  • Pastor
  • Creative Marketing Director or Pastor
  • Production