River Worship Diploma


The One-Year Diploma in River Worship is a performance and service-oriented program, covering fundamental courses that will build up foundational knowledge for the student in the areas of music and worship ministry. At the end of this one-year program, the student will be able to pursue a career as a worship leader and music minister.

Degree completion plan

Admissions Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent and meet admissions requirements
  • Performance audition on your major instrument
  • Music theory placement test

Program Requirements

  • 30 total credits, 18 of which are required and 12 of which are elective.


Students are required to take twelve hours (12) of elective courses in addition to the eighteen (18) hours they are required to complete. The electives may be any class(es) of the student’s choosing; however, if the student wants to focus in a particular area, suggested courses are provided in the Degree Completion Plan. One potential focus is in Music and the other is in Ministry. These are not required but are available for the student to choose from.