Christian Counselling Certificate


The One-Year Certificate in Christian Counselling program will equip its students with the knowledge, values, and necessary competencies for lay and church counselling ministry. The program has been tailored to train students in several areas of specialization to best prepare each student for the community that they intend to serve. The areas of specialization are addiction counselling, marriage & family counselling and pastoral care. We also offer a general focus for students who may not be certain in which area they would like to specialize. 

Degree Completion Plans

Admissions Requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent and meet admissions requirements.

Program Requirements

  • 15 required credits  
  • 15 specialization credits (General, Marriage & Family, Pastoral Care, or Addiction)
  • 30 total Credits


  • Lay Counsellor
  • Church Counsellor

There has been a stripping away 
of so many inaccurate mindsets that I have had and a realignment to truth. The Truth truly sets us free.”
– Palmarisha