Online F.A.Q.

Online F.A.Q.

Yes. The online courses use the same course content as our residential courses.

Several studies show evidence to support online studies, indicating that there are no significant differences between the online and residential learning experience. Being able to complete online courses reflects a strong discipline in the student which is a favorable characteristic for employers.

Wherever you see a course abbreviation (OENG 201, OBIBL 202 etc.), click it and it will bring you to that course’s page. You can find courses you’re enrolled in or auditing on your Home page or your Profile. You may only submit assignments, take tests, and interact with lessons for courses in which you are enrolled. Courses feature a Dashboard, Info page, Assignments, Lessons, Discussions, Tests, Roster, and a Calendar.

The time it takes to complete a degree program is dependent upon many factors. A full-time student takes a minimum of 5 courses (15 credits) per semester. There are 2 traditional semesters in an academic year. When students take 15 credits in each consecutive traditional semester, they may complete the 4-year Bachelor programs in exactly 4 academic years.

Canada Christian College Online offers a non-traditional Summer Semester to enable students to expedite their degree completion time. When students take 15 credits in Fall, Summer, and Winter semesters, consecutively, they may complete the 4-year Bachelor programs in as little as 2.5 academic years.

Other factors to consider when determining degree completion time includes: transfer credit(s), taking more than the minimum 15 credits per semester, taking a semester break, etc.

Online Student Tuition

Full Time (5-6 Courses Max.)

1 Year (2 Semesters) $8,400.00
Semester Hour Credit $280.00
Course (3 Credits) $840.00

Graduate Full Time (5-6 Courses Max.)

1 Year (2 Semesters) $8,400.00
Semester Hour Credit $280.00
Course (3 Credits) $840.00

Please send Official Transcripts to:

300 Water Street
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 9B6 Canada

Note: International transcripts must be translated into English before submitting.

Please send electronic documents to –

Yes. CCC Online accepts students from all over the world, both Canadian citizens and non-Canadian citizens. Through the convenience of an online program, international students enrolled in Canada Christian College Online are not restricted by residency requirements.

An Academic Semester is a 16-week time frame where students complete their courses. Semesters are offered in the Fall, Winter, and Summer.

Academic Terms are sub-time frames during a semester, and they are 8 weeks long. Each Academic Semester has 2 Academic Terms. These terms are called an A term, indicating the first 8 weeks of the semester, and a B term, indicating the second 8 weeks of the semester.

Since courses are only offered in an 8-week format, students will choose to take some classes during the A term and other classes during the B term. This allows students to take fewer classes during an 8-week time frame while still maximizing their coursework throughout the semester.

Students are permitted to take up to 6 courses per semester. It is recommended to take up to 3 courses per term; however, students are permitted to take up to 6 courses per term as well. Ideally, students will take 2-3 courses in the A term, and 2-3 courses in the B term if they are Full-Time.

Residential students are permitted to take 1 online course per semester (not term). This means residential students can take 1 course in the A term or the B term, not both. They may not take more than 1 course in a full semester.