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Truth Changes you.

“When you know the truth, John 8:32 states that “you will be set free.” Our future depends on a solid foundation of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. “A wise man builds his house upon a rock and a fool on shifting sands.” Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies is committed to advancing the truth of God throughout society. Canada’s government universities have all but abandoned objective truth, replacing it with relativism. A recent survey displayed that 51% of the population believes that universities are out of touch with society. After 52 years of standing for God’s truth, this institution is significantly expanding and is continuing to grow. It is by the grace of God that CCC is virtually debt-free. It is unheard of for a university or college to function without government funding or denominational financial backing. I ask you to consider investing in this institution as it will continue to aid in preparing our communities, as well as the next generation, to use the truth to face the challenges of this world.”   

Dr. Charles McVety 

OUR FOCUS - The truth project

The Truth Project began in June 2018. 

Canada Christian College acquired and renovated a new lakefront campus with approximately 200,000 square feet, 600 feet of lakefront, and 12 acres with a projected value of $43.8 million.

There was a $9.475 million budget needed to complete the Event Centre and Athletic Centre. $8.475 million has been given. 

$1 million is needed to complete The Truth Project. 

View the $9.475 million breakdown here