Ordaining & Credentialing Bodies

Ordaining & Credentialing Bodies

Evangelical Association:  

Founded in 1963, the Evangelical Association was created by godly men and women who were moved by the Holy Spirit to unite for the purpose of promoting Evangelical Christianity throughout the world.  

The purpose of the Evangelical Association is to license and ordain the qualified, providing them with credentials from a recognized ecclesiastical body. Members can obtain the license to marry from the Registrar General of Ontario and other issuing offices.  

For more information, visit: evangelicalassoication.ca

Canadian College of Christian Counsellors:

The Canadian College of Christian Counsellors provides a covering and governing body for Christian counsellors in Canada.

The Canadian College of Christian Counsellors will provide the following:

  • Quality control, protecting the public being served
  • Guidelines and direction to its members, maintaining a code of Conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Recommended fee schedule to guide its members and serve as a comparison for fees charged for services rendered
  • Support to its members in continuing education and informing them of changes in regulation
  • Cohesive working institutions that give its members support and confidence, while providing an accountable covering to those whose goal is to provide quality counselling to the public within a Christian context

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario:

Anyone whose work falls within the scope of practice of psychotherapy, and who is not already registered with another Ontario regulatory should consider becoming a member of this college. Those described must be registered:

  • Anyone using the title “psychotherapist” or any abbreviation thereof; or
  • Anyone who considers themselves qualified to practice as a psychotherapist in Ontario

There is no need for counsellors who work outside the scope of psychotherapy to be registered. The college recognizes the significant overlap between different types of counselling and psychotherapy. Please read the distinction between psychotherapy and counselling, as formulated by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC).