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Message from the president

“A wise man builds his house upon a rock and a fool on shifting sands.” Your future depends on the solid foundation of truth, knowledge and wisdom. As you acquire this trinity of development, nothing can stop you from achieving greatness. Universities, historically, have been founded by the church as purveyors of knowledge and wisdom.  

Today’s post-modern universities are now shifting school of thought. A recent survey displayed that 51% of the population believes universities are out of touch with society. Political correctness has overcome many institutions to the point of advancing nonsense and absurdity. Post-modern thought views everything as relative and subjective. For the most part, reason and logic has been abandoned. Many people feel that modern universities are not preparing young people for the real world, resulting in the inability to know right from wrong. The result is moral confusion; they lack foundational principles and assume massive student debt.  

The cornerstone of your future is based on the veracity of the knowledge and wisdom you gain through education. This wisdom begins with the fear of God. Great minds, including Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, and Albert Einstein, agreed that if you do not begin with truth, you will drift from achievement. When we begin with objective Truth, we lay a foundation for the future, a bedrock of successful thinking.  

Come join a college of gifted teachers, leaders and scholars who are committed to building your future. For over 50 years, Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies has trained and equipped over 6,500 successful ministers. You have been chosen for a higher purpose, to impact the world, from your family and community to the ends of the earth. It all begins when you choose to pursue truth, knowledge and wisdom at Canada Christian College.” 

Charles McVety 
President, Canada Christian College 

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