Bachelor of Theology: Business and Communications


The Bachelor of Theology program with a major in Business and Communications is a four-year program that will equip students with extensive and foundational knowledge in biblical studies as well as practical business skills that will make them an asset in a business environment. This degree will provide you with both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to begin working in full-time ministry, while also preparing you for further education in theological studies. This degree prepares students to engage the world around them while upholding biblical knowledge, sound doctrine, effective ministry teaching and business skills.  

Degree Completion Plans

Admissions Requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent and meet admissions requirements.

Program Requirements

  • 87 required credits  
  • 33 elective credits  
  • 120 total credits  


  • Church and Ministry Administration
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Business Owner/Operator

“Even though we are from many different cultures and socio-economic spheres, we have a common thread running through us and that’s the love for God’s Word!”
– Laureen