About Canada Christian College Online

Program Details

Canada Christian college offers a state-of-art, fully recognized Christian education to students looking to take their education outside of the classroom.  

CCC Online allows students to complete their degrees 100% online and at their own pace. This program was developed for students to ensure they could meet their academic goals from anywhere in the world. Students have access to the same resources, faculty and course content as residential students.  

Students access their online courses through their MyCCC portal. Students will use this portal to submit assignments, communicate with professors and fellow students, take exams, and view lectures, class content and their grades.  

Each semester is split into two eight-week terms (A Term and B Term). A Term is always the first 8 weeks of a semester and B Term is always the proceeding 8 weeks. Because students can take a maximum of 6 courses a semester (18 credits), they can use the terms to break up their course load to make it more manageable. Ideally, students will take 2-3 courses each term. The two terms allow students to take fewer courses in a short time while completing 6 courses within a single semester.   

Message from the director of CCC Online

“Matthew 28:19 states, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” This is the mission of Canada Christian College. We make disciples of all nations by bringing ministry training and preparation to our students, wherever they are! CCC Online provides personalized degree programs to suit the needs of each student. It is my privilege to work alongside each online student as they pursue their personal call to ministry. I am honoured to assist students as they answer their call to ministry and lead them throughout their academic journey. 

We measure the success of our program by the success of our students. We are able to tangibly see their progress each week in the online classroom. The feedback from our students is tremendous; just see what they have to say about our programs and their experiences.”  

Lindsay McVety
Director of Online Studies