Programs Offered Online

Programs Offered Online

Canada Christian College Online offers the following degree programs: 

Ministry Certificates/Degrees 

Bible Studies Certificate

The Bible Studies Certificate program is a one-year program that will equip students with a preliminary foundation in Biblical studies. 

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Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) 

The Bachelor of Theology program is a four-year program that will equip students with extensive and foundational knowledge in Biblical studies. A Bachelor of Theology degree will provide you with both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to begin working in full-time ministry, while also preparing you for further education in theological studies. In order to fully prepare you, the program will impart to you thorough Biblical knowledge, sound doctrine and effective practical ministry teaching.

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Counselling Certificates/Degrees

Certificate in Christian Counselling

The Certificate in Christian Counselling program is a one-year program that will equip students with a preliminary foundation in Christian Counselling. 

Bachelor of Christian Counselling (B.C.C.)

The Bachelor of Christian Counselling program is a four-year undergraduate degree program that will prepare professional Christian counsellors to operate both in Christian and non-Christian communities. The Counselling Department is committed to helping students develop the knowledge, values, and necessary competencies for an effective professional Christian counselling ministry. The learning opportunities offered by this program give students the chance to acquire the tools and theoretical understanding that permit them to bring healing and meaning to the lives of hurting people. Christian Counselling students will have the opportunity to select one of the several areas of specialization offered: 

Master of Christian Counselling (M.C.C.)

The Masters level degree program for Christian Counselling will prepare students to begin working as professionals in the Counselling field. The master’s program will require each student to demonstrate their learning by conducting a research thesis at the end of their studies.