Bachelor of Theology: Leadership and Community Development


A degree in Leadership and Community Development will prepare you to change the direction of your community through effective leadership. You will build your foundation on the Word of God, allowing you to penetrate the hearts of those who have been disenfranchised by society. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge on how to measure the issues of community, assess problems and design a program for outreach. Your leadership abilities will then equip you to set up programs, implement ideas, mentor leaders, and administrate with excellence and accountability.  

The objective of this program is to develop leaders that will excel in their sphere of influence, with the highest standards of integrity, effectiveness and excellence. Furthermore, the program will have a strong focus on the “process” of leadership and will equip you with successful leadership principles, as well as proven best practices.

Degree Completion Plans

Admissions Requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent and meet admissions requirements.

Program Requirements

  • 96 required credits  
  • 24 elective credits  
  • 120 total credits  


  • Community Outreach Director  

  • Youth Outreach  

“Students will engage in
active solutions to combat societal issues with excellence and accountability.”

– Dr. Ryan McVety