Michael Reardon

Dr. Michael Reardon

Academic Dean, Professor of New Testament and Historical Theology

Michael was born in New York City and spent his formative years moving around the Midwest.  After attending a Bible and missionary training program in California, he moved to Toronto in 2012.  Over the next several years he was deeply involved in campus ministry, facilitating the development and expansion of student clubs on university campuses in four cities.  He currently serves in various capacities within his local congregation: children’s meetings (JK-gr. 6), young people (gr. 7-12), gospel outreach, and adult truth education. 

Michael received an MTS in Ethics and Historical Theology from Wycliffe College of the University of Toronto and his his PhD in New Testament and Historical Theology from the same institution.  His dissertation explores the relationship between Paul’s soteriology, ecclesiology, and Christology in pursuit of answering a simple, yet profound question: what does Paul mean when he identifies the church as the “Body of Christ” (1 Cor. 12:27), “one Body in Christ” (Rom. 12:5) or “Christ” (1 Cor. 12:12)? 

Michael joined CCC as a faculty member in 2018 and has served as the Academic Dean since August 2020.  In 2021 he was also appointed as the Director of the Eckstein Institute for Jewish-Christian Relations.  Outside of academia Michael is a proud family man.  He has been married since 2012 and has three children: a ten-year-old daughter, four-year-old son, and newborn son.  Together, they enjoy biking, board games, travelling, singing, and cooking. 


  • PhD (New Testament and Historical Theology), University of Toronto
  • MTS (Ethics and Historical Theology), University of Toronto
  • BBA (Economics), University of Oklahoma

Favorite Courses Taught

  • Advanced New Testament (BIBL 420)
  • Historical Theology (THEO 320)
  • Hermeneutics (BIBL 500)
  • Upper-level Biblical Greek: Greek III (GREK 505) and Greek IV (GREK 515)

Favorite Bible Verse

“But moreover I also count all things to be loss on account of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, on account of whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as refuse that I may gain Christ.” – Phil. 3:8


Forthcoming Books and Articles

Transformed into the Same Image: New Investigations into the Doctrine of Deification, edited by Paul Copan and Michael Reardon (under contract, IVP Academic).

The Seed of Abraham: Intersections of Jewish and Christian Thought, edited by Michael Reardon and Pesach Wolicki (under contract, Pickwick Publications).

“Becoming God: Interpreting Pauline Soteriology as Deification.” Currents in Biblical Research (accepted, minor revisions).

“Augustinian Deification and its Implications for Anthropology, Christology, and Ecclesiology.” Horizons:  The Journal of the College Theology Society (accepted, minor revisions).

Book Chapters

Reardon, M. (2021).  “The Corporate Σῶμα in Epictetus and Paul” in Practicing Intertextuality: Jewish and Greco-Roman Exegetical Techniques in the New Testament (pp. 167-185).  Edited by Max Lee and B. J. Oropeza.  Cascade Books.

Reardon, M. (2020).  “Martin Luther’s Pneumatology, German Idealism, and Modern Catholic Thought” in The Holy Spirit and the Reformation Legacy (pp. 3-23).  Edited by Mark Jumper and Mark Cartledge.  Pickwick Publications.

Book Reviews   

Reardon, M. (2023).  Review of Desiring the Beautiful: The Erotic-Aesthetic Dimension of Deification in Dionysius the Aeropagite and Maximus the Confessor, by Filip Ivanovic.  Review of Biblical Literature.  URL: (https://www.sblcentral.org/home/bookDetails/13144)

Reardon, M. (2022).  Review of Deification in the Latin Patristic Tradition, edited by Jared Ortiz.  Review of Biblical Literature.  URL: (https://www.sblcentral.org/home/bookDetails/13143)

Reardon, M. (2021).  Review of Triadosis: Union with the Triune God, by Eduard Borysov.  Reading Religion.  URL: (http://readingreligion.org/books/triadosis-union-triune-god)

Reardon, M. (2020).  Review of the book The Making of Christian Morality:  Reading Paul in Ancient and Modern Contexts by D. G. Horrell.  Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 63(2), 392-394.

Reardon, M. (2020).  Review of the book Pauline Dogmatics: The Triumph of God’s Love, by D. A. Campbell.  Toronto Journal of Theology, 36(1), 120-122.

Editorial (non-academic)

Reardon, M. & Majumdar, S. (2022).  “Here’s why anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism,” Toronto Sun.  URL: (https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-heres-why-antizionism-is-antisemitism)