Political Corruption and Fraud Stops University Applications

Political Corruption and Fraud Stops University Applications

As you know, over the past many months the College made applications to expand degree granting and change the name to university.

After successfully meeting all requirements and submitting vast quantities of documents, the institution was met with political corruption that fraudulently misrepresented the facts to the Minister of Colleges and Universities. Unfortunately, the Minister has now decided to accept the fraudulent misrepresentations and has decided that the college is not ready yet. 

Although we are saddened, God is still in control. For the time being the college will continue to offer 14 degrees at the Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate level at its world class campus. 

As Jesus commands us, please pray for those who have spitefully attacked us and spoken all manner of evil falsely.

God Bless

Dr. Charles McVety
Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies